Selection of Abbey Icons in Progress

All the icons featured are painted on wood using egg tempera, pure pigments and 23.5 carat gold leaf

All the icons below are in progress. People can order them and the price will be determined according to the requirements.


The above egg tempera icons are for sale at a price to be determined based on specifications. Most are after a certain style of existing icon from around the world. No two are ever exactly the same due to the fact that my hand painted icons all have some unique characteristic and a certain ‘freshness’. Sizes may vary from the original. For commissioned icons, your wait is as long as you can bear, because the longer the paintwork is dried until it receives its final layer of varnish, the better. If your need is urgent, I can use an alternative method to hasten the drying process.

Prices vary depending on the complexity of the icon. If you wish for sizes greater than about 45 cms, I would probably paint your icon using acrylic paints but still with 22-24 carat gold halos and in some cases, backgrounds. We can communicate your wishes through telephone, email, text, or you may visit my studio.